Why do your eyes turn red after consuming THC

November 13, 2018

Why do your eyes turn red after consuming THC

I’m sure by now most marijuana smokers and consumers have noticed that their eyes turn red after smoking. This is no secret and many people experience it. But what causes the eyes to turn red when THC is involved?

 Marijuana generally makes people’s eyes turn red because it contains chemical properties such as cannabinoidsthat causes change in the blood vessels. The change that occur are the dilating or opening up of the blood vessels, this process is called vasodilation. THC is known as the main compound that causes vasodilatation where as CBD does not effect the blood vessel size.

 Usually under normal circumstances the blood vessels within the sclera (white part of the eyes) are not notice, they are not dilated. When THC is consumed it causes these blood vessels to open up more and therefore become much more visible.

 Of course not everyone experiences the red eye syndrome after using marijuana. Some people are more susceptible to this happening due to their genetics. Other users do not have the same effect because their genes do not cause the blood vessels in the eyes to become enlarged.

 There is also a small percentage of individuals who are allergic to marijuana. Since weed is a plant it has particular plant properties and some of them can cause an allergic reaction. If an individual is allergic to marijuana, red eyes isn’t the only symptom. Usually it will follow with itching, rash or hives.

 Unfortunately there has always been negative judgements of people with red eyes. Misconception and different opinions on marijuana tends to give anyone who have red eyes a bad name. Good thing there is Visine to the rescue

 Thanks to Visine it is easier to mask the fact that you smoked earlier. These eye drops lubricate the eye and add chemical compounds such as potassium chloride and tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride. These chemical compounds cause vasoconstriction, which make enlarged blood vessels shrink down back to their normal size. 

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