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As you may know, bongs, recyclers, dab rigs and other glass dank products work exceptionally well on their own. Nevertheless purchasing accessories for these products becomes second nature when you want to add your own flare to it or make an upgrade for bigger rips, smoother hits, or cleaner clean-ups. Accessories allow you to add something a bit extra to your bongs and water pipes. Whether it is a tool for handling your concentrates and oils easier or a device that makes smoking a bong more flavorful, thicker, and filtered, there is an accessory to suite your needs. 

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Ash Catcher

An ash catcher is one of the best accessories you can buy for your bongs. Ash catchers are designed to fit on the outside of a bong joint, replacing the bowl and slide or banger. The bowl or banger is then placed on a joint of the ash catcher to channel it's way through the water pipe. It's construction usually consists of percolators or even chambers to hold ice in. Percolators can be found in bongs or ash catchers. Their purpose is to thicken and filter the smoke via the process of diffusion and bubbling water action. People love buying ash catchers with percs because some of the bongs they own only have a diffused downstem and they might be looking to get a smoother or thicker milky hit. Others simply like to use ash catchers due to the fact that they need to be filled with little bit of water and do as the name implies which is to catch ash. Using this accessory can significantly keep your cherished bongs and water pipes cleaner for longer. All the ash and gunk that might originally fall into the bong chambers and it's water goes into the ash catcher. The ash catchers are easier to clean due to their smaller sizes. Additionally ash catchers are inexpensive, so it becomes more cost effective to replace an old ash catcher than a bong. They work very effectively as well on dab rigs as they do for dry herb bongs.


Majority of all bongs come with a bowl or slide. Nevertheless we all know stuff happens and things break. Glass bowls are always available to purchase separately. Whether you need to replace a broken bowl or spice up your bong with some added colorful and funky bowls, we got you covered. Glass bowls are sold with options of gender and size among other options like color. They come in either male or female genders to fit male or female joints on a bong. Additionally the diameter size is important, they come in either 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm sizes. Bowls are a popular accessory specifically because we offer them in all types and sizes to fit all of your current and future bongs. Breaking bowls definitely ruins the fun, but fear not they are always available to keep you going. Better yet, there are so many varieties of glass bowls and slides, you don't need to wait to break one. Customers who buy bongs from us love to purchase a funky bowl as a second piece for added personal character. Bongs are fun...why not?



Having an herb grinder ready and present at all times is always a great accessory to have laying around. The dry herbs or tobacco often is stuck together or lumpy, herb grinders allow you to break it down efficiently and quickly. Herb grinders are convenient for all types of smokers, whether you prefer rolled items or even glass hand pipes to water pipes and vaporizers. This accessory offers convenience, comfort, quickness, and most of all... a well broken down and fluffy dry herb or tobacco. Grinders have a chamber where it's teeth do all the work with the hand motion of back and forth on both lids. Additionally they have a small storage chamber where the contents are spilled into until they are ready to use. If your fellow smokers don't have grinders then you should buy a grinder for them as a gift because they make life simpler and should be enjoyed by everyone.



Dishes are convenient accessories due to their capability. Simple as they may seem, some are works of art. Glass dishes are made from all types of glass such as borosilicate to quartz, even some are ceramic or metal. These materials can withstand high temperatures so using them as an ash tray is one option. These dish accessories have evolved with the oil and concentrate culture. Many of them are purposefully made now along with a dabber tool to hold and use oils and concentrates. A glass dish makes for a perfect place to store oils and concentrates. Glass doesn't allow the contents to be melted or stick because of it's capacity for heat therefore it stays cooler. Dab rig fans love using dishes and dabber sets because they can work from and store their contents in one dish and not worry about wax paper or losing it. Many dishes are a work of art and have beautiful designs and colors making it a great accessory with a personal touch. 


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