UPC 7.5" Sherlock Style Bubbler with Platinum Decals

  • UPC Sherlock Bubbler
  • 7.5” Tall
  • 2-Hole Diffuser
  • Sherlock Style Bubbler
  • Built Into Chamber Flower Bowl
  • Bent Neck Design (Sherlock)
  • High Quality Borosilicate Glas
  • Platinum UPC Decals Baked Into Glass (Real Platinum Decals) 
  • Made In USA
  • Colored Accents (Mouthpiece, Diffuser, Marble Grip, & Carb) Available in:
    • Pink Cadillac
    • Green Slyme
    • Blue Cheese
    • Wisteria

The UPC 7.5" Sherlock Style Bubbler with Platinum Decals is a fantastic little compact bubbler. It has a chunky base and an angled cylindrical chamber. It comes in a clear high quality borosilicate body and tubing with platinum UPC decals baked into the glass and bright colored accents. The colored accents include the mouth piece, 2-hole diffuser, marble grips, and carb. The outside of the chamber has a left side carb and on the right has three color matching marbles for grip like you find on a Sherlock pipe. The top of the main chamber has a flower bowl also like you find on a Sherlock pipe, only it stems into a two-hole diffuser at the bottom of the chamber. This two-hole diffuser matches the color of the rest of the accents on the bubbler. It’s function is to create diffusion and filtration to create a thicker and smoother hit. With the mouth piece at 90 degrees to the chamber in the form of a bent tube neck, it acts as a splashguard to keep unwanted water from leaving the mouth piece. This bubbler is available in Pink Cadillac, Green Slyme, Blue Cheese, and Wisteria colored accents.


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