all glass hand pipes

Glass pipes aka. dry pipes or hand pipes are used for dried herbs. Their sizes make them discreet, portable, and easy to carry. Most of all they are simple and convenient. Each one has it's own design, style, size and price. Hand pipes can range from a basic functional piece to exquisite works of art. A glass pipe can be made from different types of glass to take on the characteristics it's artists wants it to have. They become more than just hand pipes to us, they become our go to, trustworthy friend that will always work and be consistent. Hand pipes are a preferred method if you don't have a bong at hand. 

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Glass pipes such as spoons are the most common style of hand pipes. They feature a classic bowl at the head of an elongated body. Very commonly these glass pipes have a carb hole. Carb holes allow to control the airflow as you please while dragging from the mouthpiece. Dry herbs or tobacco is placed in the bowl on the head of the body which tends to be round. A finger is placed on the carb hole near the bowl or on the head of the glass pipe. The elongated body at the other end is a mouthpiece. While lighting the contents in the bowl and dragging from the mouthpiece on the other end as well as having your finger hold or release the airflow as you see fit gives you an enjoyable simple smoking experience. It is known as a spoon pipe because of its shape and similar structure. 

Hand pipes such as a sherlock pipe might appear different but follows the same principles as the spoon pipe. They still feature the head of the hand pipe where the bowl is along with a carb hole. At the other end of the body there is a hole for a mouthpiece just as there are on all glass pipes. They also share the same types of glass it can be created from. Sherlock pipes receive their nomenclature due to their relevance of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock, used hand pipes that usually have a curl such as the letter "J" and it became world famous that the curved hand pipe is known as a Sherlock. Many find these hand pipes to be more ergonomic as it contours the inner palm of your hand at the bowl. One way or another they are very cool and guaranteed to get the job done.

Another form of hand pipe can be made from glass, ceramic, metal, and even wood. Chillums are a type of hand pipe that is known to many as one hitters. They are very small in size and usually even narrow. Majority of them don't exceed 4 inches in length. Chillum pipes usually have a mini bowl or area in the front of them where to place dry herbs or tobacco and have a pull hole at the other end. Not all chillums have carb holes but you may find some glass makers put them in occasionally. These Chillum hand pipes are also known as tasters because you can try and sample different varieties of things in small quick amounts. Chillum pipes are very convenient and discreet. People love them for their ultimate quick and simple fire up and go. 

Hand pipes at the end of the day are compact and convenient. They offer no harmful burning papers like rolled items and they are efficient and flavorful. With the right technique they are easy to clean. Most of all glass pipes that are hand held are the perfect alternative to bongs. Sometimes all we want is to pick up a hand pipe and have a bowl. Hand pipes and glass pipes become like our go to friend and there is nothing better than a simple and quick flavorful hit of your favorite dried herb.

The hand pipes and glass pipes everyone buys becomes an extension of their personality because there is so much to choose from. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. There are so much to choose from and everyone like different ones. The above mentioned styles are the most general categories of hand pipes. There are amazing artists and companies who push and bend the boundaries of what is possible in glass blowing combined with creating hand pipes. Turning something that could have been very simple into a functional glass piece of art. 



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