Bongs Under 100

If you're new to bongs and water pipes, or if you want an affordable variety we have you covered. Here are all the bongs and water pipes we have to offer for under 100 dollars. Everyone loves a great bargain and an awesome bong! Take your pick from our selection of affordable bongs to cheap bongs. We understand that not everyone is an avid collector and enthusiast of bongs, yet they still do appreciate the better qualities of smoking by using a water pipe. Don't let their low price tags fool you, these are affordable yet durable and made with excellent quality. 

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We have the utmost respect to artists who put a lot of creativity and time into making exquisite pieces. The magnificent works of glass art they create are jaw dropping. American glass artists can make astonishing one off pieces upwards of thousands of dollars and if you can afford it, we urge you to get some because they are out of this world. Unfortunately not everyone is ready to purchase a glass piece of that caliber. You don't have to break the bank to enjoy a quality glass pipe or bong. We at think quality and durable glass water pipes should be available to everyone at an affordable and fair price. Using hand pipes or water pipes are safer than rolled items and taste better. Water pipes allow you to get the most out of the dried herbs or tobacco. The smoother, thicker hits that have been filtered by a bubbling water action is already enough to consider trying water pipes and bongs if you haven't already. 

This category not only is a great place for new comers to purchase their first bong, but for return customers who might want to try another type of bong. Or maybe even need a type of water pipe for oil and concentrate use. Well there are plenty of dab rigs here for under 100 dollars. So whether you are new to this or just don't want to break the bank while shopping for a bong, we have you covered.

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