bongs & water pipes

Bongs aka "water pipes" are the number one choice for smokers. The creation and use of bongs dates from all the way back to about 3,000 B.C.E. In today's day, glass making techniques have been mastered with technology and practice. Allowing smoke to be channeled through percolators, cooling water, recycler arms, and other apparatus' for a smooth, clean and flavorful hit.

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For dry herb usage there are a number of water pipes that can be used to get the most out of smoking. You can never go wrong with a classic bong especially the ones you can find in our "bongs under 100" category to save you a few dollars yet still purchase a quality water pipe. Many simple bongs and classic water pipes feature a chamber base in the shape of a sphere, beaker and straight tube. These classic bongs usually have a diffused down stem that may or may not be removable and use a bowl slide that fits the down stem. We know everyone has their own preference so we offer everything from cheap bongs to American glass bongs. Just as bongs have different thicknesses and qualities they come in different sizes as well. Where some people prefer tall and big bongs there are those who like mini rigs and mini bongs for their easy use and placement.


What is the best bong for me?


There are many bongs for sale and it can seem confusing when choosing a bong or water pipe. It can be tricky considering there is so much to choose from but it is pretty straight forward. To pick the correct water pipe for you there are some key factors you should know. Primarily all bongs function with the use of water at their base and some even have multiple chambers that allow the use of water in separate sections. The smoke that passes through the glass pipe comes in contact with the water and cools down the smoke along side being filtered by the bubbling action. Bongs come with a variety of bases such as pedestal, beaker, straight tube and some even custom depending of the artist or glass blower.


Secondly an important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a bong is that majority of them have percolators and/or diffused downstems. Percolators are glass structures that reside within the chambers of the water pipe. Downstems have an open end to attach a bowl slide, dome or nail and create a bubbling effect from the slits on the other end. Those slits are submerged in the bong base filled with water making the smoke cooler and thicker during the bubbling process. There are a dozen if not more percolator styles but they ultimately have one main function and that is to create diffusion of the smoke, cool it down by increasing the surface area and make the smoke smooth so that is tolerable for the lungs. This is achieved because all percolators or "percs" have many tiny holes, slits and slots for air to travel through while the user is dragging on the water pipe from the mouth piece. Working in tandem with the water, the smoke travels through the percs making contact with water and instantaneously dropping its temperature making it much cooler and tolerable to inhale. Additionally the act of tiny bubbles forming through all the slits, holes and slots of the percolator creates diffusion which is a process of spreading something more widely (in this case smoke). This process thickens the smoke for a fuller, thicker, smoother and cooler inhalation of the smoke.


Another thing to consider is, bongs and water pipes come with something known as joints which are the glass structures that fit all types of downstems and bowls into the main chamber of the bong. The joints that bongs use are typically 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm in size. This is important to know because if you are purchasing any kind of accessory to fit your bong it should correspond with what you already have or want to order. Replacement bowls are available in the different sizes mentioned above. They are an excellent way to either spice up and upgrade your current rig.

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