Recycler water pipes features a multiple chamber design that causes your vapor/smoke to loop in between the chambers before leaving the mouthpiece. This process causes your vapor/smoke to pass through the perc or percs multiple times for optimal filtration and diffusion resulting in smooth flavorful hits. Most recycler bongs have something known as arms which is hollow glass tubing connecting the chambers that construct the water pipe. Recycler bongs are very popular as dab rigs.

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Water pipes that are recycler bongs are favored by those who enjoy oils and concentrates as well as dry herb because the vapors are allowed to be tasted better. The process of smoke or vapor recirculating from chamber to chamber and through the percolators before leaving the mouthpiece creates a full and flavorful hit. Along in the process the smoke is filtered multiple times and cooled down to optimal inhaling temperature. The smoothness of a recycler bong is very noticeable especially for those who use them as dab rigs. 

Recycler bongs can also introduce a striking visual effect that smoke and vapors create when circulating through the bong. Whether they are made with a cone shape chamber that causes a vortex inside or in the shape of a faberge egg and allows for smoke to pass through its swiss cheese like glass structure, you always get a lovely visual effect of your vapors traveling through the recycling process. The most favorite aspect of recyclers is the fact that the hits and inhalation is smooth, cool and tasteful. Smoke and vapors heat up to a high temperature and can irritate the throat and lungs causing heavy coughing. The process of them recirculating and recycling from chamber to chamber and arm to arm making contact with water, percolators and glass causes smoke and vapors to instantaneously cool down yet retain full flavor of your dried herb or concentrates. 

Recycler bongs work great with many accessories. They are made with classic male or female joints so that you can attach other bowls and bangers. This allows you to switch your water pipe from a dry herb pipe to a dab rig for oils and concentrates. Ash catchers are equivalently compatible with recycler bongs. They help keep the gunk out of your water pipes and allow you to have a cleaner recycler rig if used together. Recycler bongs make an excellent deviation from the normal single chamber bong for those that want to switch things up and offer many benefits as well as cool looks.


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