Spoon Pipes

Spoon Pipes are a type of dry herb hand pipe that everyone commonly know and love. Unlike bongs and water pipes dry hand pipes such as spoons do not need the use of water to smoke. They simply feature a classic style hand pipe with a bowl and elongated body. The head of the spoon pipe is where you would place the dry herbs. At the opposite end the hand pipe usually narrows to point which is the mouthpiece. This spoon pipe works by placing your lips on the mouthpiece and taking a drag or pull while lighting the contents in the bowl. Usually made from borosilicate glass in a variety of shapes and colors. Glass is the perfect material for hand pipes, it can withstand high temperatures and can be molded into all types of shapes and structures. Glass pipes are also easier to clean with the correct procedure. Not all glass pipes are spoons, there are many types such as chillums, sherlocks, gandalfs and glass blunts. The one thing they have in common is that they use dry herbs without utilizing water. 

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Glass pipes have been around as long as glass molding and glass blowing techniques have existed. Glass blowing first started to be used as a technique for molding glass by the Romans. Even though glass making practices have been around earlier than the Roman Empire, it were the Romans who began using a blowpipe to shape glass as they desired while it was still hot and glowing. The process of creating a glass pipe involves blowing exhaled air into a blowpipe which at the end has molten glass sealed around the tip. The soft glass expands depending on how much the artist blows into the pipe while glowing red hot. While the elements are hot and malleable, glass blowers often use metal tools to shape the forming pipe into something extraordinary and unique. Where as some hand pipes are simple and straight forward, others can feature exquisite color patterns, shapes of anything the artist can create, air flow functionality and more. Spoon pipes are still to this day made by this glass blowing technique. Artists have mastered these skills and perfected the trade with today's available tools and technology to truly create breathtaking glass craftsmanship. 

Using a glass pipe such as this common spoon pipe style has many benefits versus rolled items. By using a grinder for your dry herbs and packing the bowl in nicely before use, you save more dry herbs by getting the most of something in smaller portions. No excess tobacco paper is burned and inhaled, just only what you placed in the bowl. Using a glass pipe allows you to enjoy the flavor more of whats in the pipe. Glass pipes do not have odor or harmful chemicals and can withstand high temperatures without loosing its composition. They make an ideal hand pipe to have at all times. Spoon pipes like most glass hand pipes have a carb hole. A carb hole is usually on the side of the head of a pipe near the bowl and is covered or released with a finger to control airflow better. Controlling the airflow with a carb hole allows the user to choose from large pulls or softer, lighter ones. A must have in a smoker's collection for quick hits. 

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