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A tool that is used to smoke dry herbs or tobacco through water which cools the smoke and filters the experience.

A beaker base chamber is necessary to house more smoke during your dry herbs session. Therefore this type of glass pipe has a beaker base.

This can be either a glass bong or a dab rig that has a chamber which will resemble the shape of a can.

No this isn't a hockey puck bong, this just means that the base is shaped like a hockey puck and makes the dry herb pipe experience sturdy and stable.

Similar to the Puck Chamber, this glass bong has a sturdy base yet a bent mouthpiece for the convenience of being lazy, and not bending your neck to take a toke of the herb.

An accessory to any water pipe, or bong that provides enough room for a big hit during the smoke session.

A tube on a glass bong  that connects the chamber to the joint and provides additional support and reinforcement

In certain lighting condition the glass bong or dab rig that is composed with dichroic glass your bong will display two different colors under lighting conditions and infused sparkles.

To cool the smoke a bit more as it travels through your water pipe, slits are bade at the base of tube which provide a simple straight design for a peculator

At the bottom of a straight neck water pipe there lies a piece of glass that prevents any splashing while you blow bubbles in your pipe.

Sound tasty but its not the munchies talking, its a water pipe with a circular glass piece which has a hole in the center that is designed to keep water in the chamber but peculators the smoke even further as it comes to your mouth.

A unique way to smoke a water pipe that has indents on each side providing a look of an hour glass. Once you start smoking with this piece, your time will slow down and life will be good.

At the neck of the water pipe a pinch is formed and designed to provide room for you to place ice cubes into the neck of the glass bong, and cool down your smoke experience. This is great for anyone with a sensitive throat.

A glass tube that fits into a glass bongs, has slits on the bottom to distill the smoke and function as a peculator

If a glass pipe features a female joint, that means it requires a male bowl or nail dome for proper use of a glass bong.

Just like the female joint this is the opposite, a female is required for the bowl and or nail dome.

The smallest form any bong, water pipe, dab rig, and or glass pipe and or hand pipes.

To provide an easy way for cleaning your glass bong, this tube provides the path fro the smoke to travel from a joint to the chamber of a water pipe

A water pipe that features a chemistry set type of borosilicate glass that is clear and provides a labarotory feel as you witness the chemestry changing from a solid into a gas form.

If you have a collection of Bongs, this feature will stand out like a Ferrari does anywhere it is parked. The frosted glass on a water pipe or bong provides a visual extacy that gets everyones attention.

If you are a clumsy person, getting a thick glass bong is the smart move. it provides stability, durability and is less likely to break.

A smoking device that consists of a bowl that is mounted on a  glass container of water and connects a long glass pipe tube that draws out the smoke form the dry herbs or tobacco.