16" Fat Can Quadruple Cross to Fire Cut Water Pipe

The 16" Fat Can Quadruple Cross to Fire Cut Water Pipe is a large heavy hitting 16” bong. For percolation it has 3 cross percolators in the lower chamber followed by a fire cut diffuser chamber above with with a diffused splash guard. The cross percolators are circular pieces of glass with cross hair slits in them to create diffusion and filtration. Diffusion spreads the smoke wider and causes it to filter while bubbling in the water. The smoke channels its way up into a cylindrical fire cut diffuser chamber where it is further spread more widely and filtered. As the smoke fills up it exits through numerous holes of the fire cut diffuser and makes its way up through the diffused splash guard. The splash guard has slits so only concentrated and filtered smoke passes through it and not water. This water pipe is fitted with a reinforced 90 degree female joint with houses a male flower bowl with a pinch grip for an easy grab and pull of the bowl. This water pipe has a straight neck design and the body is made with premium clear borosilicate glass. It also features a pedestal base for sturdiness and a flared mouthpiece. The Pedestal base, percolators, diffused chamber, and mouthpiece lip are colored matched to your choice of Amber, White, Blue, Green or Clear.


  • Glassheads
  • 16” Tall
  • 3 Cross Percolators
  • Fire Cut Diffusing Chamber (cylinder shaped in color)
  • Diffused Splash Guard
  • Reinforced 90 Degree Female Joint
  • Male Flower Bowl w/ Grip Pinch Included
  • Straight Tube Neck
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Color Matching Accents; Pedestal base, Percolators, Diffused Chamber, and Mouthpiece Lip
    • Amber
    • White
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Clear