5.5" Solid Quartz Beaker Dab Rig

The 5"- 6" Tall solid quartz beaker rig with dome-less welded stem is a fantastic compact bubbler. This water pipe features a built in diffused downstem with a fixed domeless nail. The diffused downstem filters and diffuses the smoke as it makes its way up. It is made entirely of quartz glass for durability and strength. Addition features are pendant loops for design on the downstem and neck. The beaker base allows for a solid flat platform to stand on and for a distinct look. This rig also features a bent neck design and acts as a natural splash guard. Affordable and durable, compact in size and most of all simple and functional. Order yours today and receive it in a black box with foam inserts for protection.

  • 5" - 6" Tall
  • Full Quartz Glass
  • Welded in Diffused Downstem
  • Fixed Domeless Nail
  • Bent Neck Design Beaker
  • Pendant Loop Accents
  • Scientific
  • Bubbler
  • Clear Glass
  • Flared Mouth Piece