6" Shoe Recycler with Ceramic Nail

The 6" Shoe Recycler with Ceramic Nail is an amazing portable bubbler dab rig. Compact in size standing 6 inches tall and featuring a fixed diffused downstem for percolation along with a recycling system, its the perfect little rig to take anywhere with you. Shaped like a shoe the main chamber where the fixed diffused downstem sits has openings on the top and bottom of the chamber to the next chamber over which flows to the mouthpiece. Your vapors end up recirculating over and over and bubbling over and over before leaving the mouthpiece. This optimizes the vapors for a smoother and thicker hit as well as retaining full flavor of your concentrates due to the recycling action. Fitted with female ceramic nail and your choice of either a 10mm or 14.5mm joint and nail respectively. Made from clear borosilicate glass in a funky scientific shoe design.


  • Glassheads
  • 6” Tall
  • Fixed Diffused Downstem
  • Bubbler / Recycler
  • Shoe Design
  • Available w/ a 10mm or 14.5mm Male Joint
  • Female Ceramic Nail Included