8" Horned Figure Showerhead Rig with Glass Dabber (Arm Down)

The 8" Horned Figure Showerhead Rig with Glass Dabber (Arm Down) is another dab rig unique to the horned figure. This striking dab rig stands 8” tall in the shape of a horned figure. It features a faberge egg body with swiss cheese appearing holes. The entire rig is hand made from high quality borosilicate glass. This dab rig comes with a percolator system known as a diffused showerhead downstem. A showerhead percolator system has slits on a showerhead type structure. These slits diffuse and filter the smoke to receive optimal vapor. The showerhead downstem branches from a nail and 14.5mm female dome which is included. A 14.5mm male dewars joint sits at 90 degrees at the figures backside. This horned figure has both arms down, where one is made to hold a cool looking dab tool appearing in this apparatus as a sword figure. Where as the faberge / swiss body, legs, and arms are clear borosilicate glass, the head, dome, downstem and dab tool is colored. This rig is available in 3 colors, Amber, White, and Green. The dab tool matches whatever color you choose and the arm acts as a holder, so you can never loose it and is great for display.



  • 8” Tall
  • Swiss / Faberge Body
  • Diffused Showerhead Downstem
  • 14.5mm Male Dewars Joint
  • 14.5mm Female Dome and Nail included
  • Dab Tool Included in the hand of horned figure
  • Available in Amber, Green and White
  • Mouth Piece On Top Of Head
  • Clear Glass
  • Standing on its own feet