9" Fire Honeycomb Rig

The 9" Fire Honeycomb Rig is a clean and beautifully designed dab rig. It stands 9 inches tall and features colored glass add-ons. The colored glass is on top of the can chamber approximately half way up the water pipe. The design features squiggly yellow lines on the top part of the chamber. Additionally the bottom part of the chamber has added flame texture on the outside. The Flames transcend from Green to Yellow to Red with clear glass touches as well. These flames initially appear to rise from the green colored honeycomb percolator. The honeycomb percolator allows for filtration and diffusion of the smoke for a thicker and cleaner hit. This dab rig also features a dewar’s joint which is a small glass tube connecting the the joint or quartz nail to the chamber. It also reinforces the strength of the joint and creates additional support for the water pipe.



  • 9” tall
  • Honeycomb percolator
  • High quality thick glass
  • Dewars Joint
  • Domeless quartz nail
  • Flame and worked glass feature
  • Straight Neck
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • Made In USA