Ceramic Banger Nail - Fits 14mm/18mm Male or Female Fitting

The Ceramic Banger Nail by Sesh Supply - Fits 14mm/18mm Male or Female Fitting. This Universal banger nail is made from high quality ceramic in a white color. Features a stepped design to fit 14mm and 18mm sizes. Additionally it features a threaded cap which connects to the nail to unscrew and screw on, transforming it from male to female fittings. The stepped design allows it to fit both sizes in either male or female fitment form. Uses a 90 degree arm for level use. Excellent upgrade or replacement piece for all dab rigs using 14mm and 18mm banger or nail sizes.

  • Sesh Supply
  • Ceramic Banger Nail
  • 90 Degree Arm For Level Use
  • White Ceramic
  • Threaded Arm Cap For Universal Fitment Change
  • Universal Fitting
    • 14mm Male
    • 14mm Female
    • 18mm Male
    • 18mm Female