Dichro 2-Color Frit Pipe

The Dichro 2-Color Frit Pipe is a unique looking multi-colored hand pipe. This spoon features an elevated head with bowl and is blown with two mixed colors. It's head consists of a marbled green color which fades into a yellow marbled color halfway through the body. In addition it features gorgeous dichroic glasswork strip running along the body of the spoon. Dichroic glass is vaporized metals such as silver and gold layered on a thin film. It is worked into the glass and shimmers in different colors depending on different wavelengths of light reflecting off of it. The bottom if the spoon has two clear marble feet to stand horizontally steadily when not in use. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Glassheads
  • Elevated Head & Bowl
  • Dichroic Strip Along Body
  • 2 Color Mixture (Yellow & Green)
  • Clear Marble Feet
  • Left Side Carb
  • Made in USA