Empire Glassworks - Dragon Master Dish and Dabber Set

  • Empire Glassworks
  • Dragon Sphere Theme
  • Dish & Dabber Combination
  • Custom Blended Borosilicate Colors
  • Limited Quantity, Handcrafted Art Piece
  • Made in USA

Empire Glassworks Dish & Dabber - Dragon Sphere comes as a set of dish and dabber tool. This exclusive set inspired by a popular animated dragon themed show features exquisite design features and exclusive custom blended borosilicate colors. The dish features clear, black, and green hints of borosilicate colors as well as red star designs at the bottom. Notching on the rim of the dish allows for placing the dabber tool when not in use as a holder. The dabber tool features black and green borosilicate colors in a tapered design to use for your oils and concentrates. The opposite end of the tool resembles a dragons claw holding a golden-yellow glass sphere with red stars in it. A truly remarkable set with extensive attention to detail handcrafted by the one and only Empire Glassworks in Placentia, California. These are individually handcrafted art pieces and are in limited availability and supply.