Empire Glassworks Mini Rig - The Great Gourd

Empire Glassworks Mini Rig - The Great Gourd Water Pipe will have you feeling relaxed an peaceful. Featuring an all silver fumed worked body in golden yellow clear borosilicate glass color. Between the main body chamber and “tear drop” looking upper area which forms the mouth piece, there is a glass bow available in red or brown. More aesthetics on this water pipe include a ying-yang symbol on the front facing part of the main body. The percolator system of this water pipe is a fixed three hole diffused downstem. Diffused downstems have slits for diffusion and filtration, which optimizes your smoke for s smoother and cleaner hit. Fitted to this rig is a reinforced 90 degree 14.5mm female joint which comes with a 14.5mm clear opal male bowl. The reinforcement of the joint is clear glass to match the clear opal bowl, and has ring designs for strength and added flare on the vertical stem. Proudly hand made in California, USA.


  • Empire Glassworks
  • The Great Gourd Theme
  • Fixed 3 Hole Diffused Downstem
  • 90 Degree 14.5mm Female Joint
  • 14.5mm Male Opal Bowl Included
  • Silver Fumed Body
  • Yellow-Gold Clear Borosilicate Glass
  • Red or Brown Bow Available
  • Custom Blended Exclusive Borosilicate Colors
  • Made in USA