Kraken 2" 4-Part Grinder with Stash Windows

The Kraken 2" 4-Part Grinder with Stash Windows is meticulously CNC machined and engineered by Kraken to offer premium grinding, storage, and pollen screening all in one. This particular 2 inch diameter version has little glass windows on the storage chamber to allow you to see what you have in there. Each chamber is solely dedicated to a specific function. Starting from the top where you can grind herbs or tobacco. Moving down the center chamber where your herbs or tobacco fall into and can be stored. Finally reaching the bottom chamber where there is a pollen collector through a screen with an included spatula, wasting absolutely nothing. The upper chamber is the key to the quality of this grinder. Featuring sharp diamond shaped teeth strategically placed to grind and shear your herbs or tobacco and perfect size holes for it to drop into the storage chamber. Made from high quality Anodized Aluminum, this version comes in black exterior with shiny machined aluminum teeth at the grinding chamber.


  • Kraken Grinders
  • 2” Diameter
  • CNC Machined
  • Sharp Diamond Shaped Teeth
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • 4 Part Grinder
  • Black Exterior
  • Machined Shiny Aluminum Teeth (grinding chamber)
  • 3 Separate Chambers
    • Grinding ( grind and shearing chamber)
    • Storage (herb / tobacco chamber)
    • Screen (pollen catcher chamber)