Ronin Glass "Bun'ei" Double Disk Perc Bong

  • Ronin Glass Bong
  • Black Frosted Joint
  • 8" Tall
  • 3.5" Pedestal Base Diameter
  • 14mm Female Bowl Included
  • Black Accents
  • Ronin Glass Decals
  • Clear Glass
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • 90° Joint
  • 14mm Joint
  • Male Joint
  • Reinforced Dewar's Joint
  • Bent Neck
  • Double Disc Percolator

The "Bun'ei" Bong from Ronin Glass Is equipped with a 14mm 90 degree male joint. The joint directly injects into a double disc perc. This percolator is responsible for filtering and diffusing the smoke before making its way up the can chamber design. The stepped can chamber design allows for a sturdy glass structure. As the smoke makes its way up to the flared mouthpiece it passes a narrow bent neck concentrating the full flavor of your favorite tobacco or dry herb. The percolator has slits and holes which allow for maximum surface area contact to cool down smoke and make it smoother to inhale. The double disc percolator is directly connected to the male joint inside the chamber. It is reinforced with more glass attached to the main chamber on the exterior. The base, mouthpiece lip, dewar's joint and frosted male joint are accented in black color like all classic Ronin Glass products. Included with this rig is a 14mm female bowl. By switching the bowl for a nail and dome or banger would make a great Dab Rig.