Ronin "Tonfa" Wig Wag UFO to Matrix Perc Bong

  • Ronin Glass Bong
  • 15.5" Tall
  • Ufo Perc
  • Matrix Perc
  • Black or Red Colored Accents 
  • Pedestal Base Width: 4.5"
  • Wig Wag Coloring
  • Ronin Glass Decals
  • 14mm Male Bowl Included
  • 90° Degree 14mm Female Joint
  • Dewar's Joint
  • Clear Glass
  • Colored Glass
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • Ice Catcher

The Ronin Tonfa water pipe gets its name from a melee weapon best known for its role in the armed component of Okinawan martial arts. In martial arts it is a stick perpendicular to another stick about one third of along the length. It is a weapon with many capabilities, much like the water pipe named after it. This Ronin Tonfa utilizes a multi percolation system. At the base there is a matrix percolator with many slits and holes that is directly connected to the dewar's joint which is a reinforced 90 degree 14mm female joint. As you pull on the rig and it bubbles up it travels to a thicker chamber along the straight tube design. This part of the tube is slightly wider in diameter and houses a Ufo percolator which additionally diffuses and filters the smoke and vapors as they make their way up to the mouthpiece. This water pipe also features an ice catcher to further cool down the smoke for an optimal smoking experience. Standing 15.5 inches tall and on a 4.5 inch pedestal base, this is a quality, heavy duty, sophisticated, and sturdy bong.