Sesh Supply Eurydice - Standing Bubbler with Cube Perc

The Sesh Supply Eurydice - Standing Bubbler with Cube Perc comes in many color variations and is an awesome and easy to use rig. Featuring a fixed straight downstem with a 14.5mm polished female joint into a cube percolator at the base for filtration and diffusion. This bent neck style water pipe is easy to use and comfortable. The included bowl sits on top of the bubbler body and bent neck protrudes out of the side of the body. A clear body with the classic sesh supply logo, and color wrapped base, perc, and lip. Available colors are Sublime, Paparazzi Green, Candy Cocktail, Triple Passion, Purple Purple, Agua Azul, Cobalt, and Dragon’s Blood. Choose your favorite and order yours today!


  • Sesh Supply
  • Cube Percolator
  • Bent Neck Tube
  • Bubbler Body
  • Fixed Downstem with 14.5mm Polished Female Joint
  • Color Wrapped Base, Perc, and Lip
  • Seafoam, Candy Coctail, and Mango Colors Available
  • Scientific
  • Clear Glass
  • Spash Guard
  • Flared Mouthpiece