Showerhead to Tron Disc waterpipe

The Tron Disc Showerhead Waterpipe is a piece created for all users. With a removable bowl from the 90 degree dewars joint, you can use this rig for dry herbs or with a banger for concentrates and oils. Featuring a unique “tron disc” for a body chamber, allows for your smoke to recirculate and recycle through the showerhead percolator located at the base. The showerhead percolator has a thin vertical tube that widens into a round chamber. The round chamber in this percolator has slits for the smoke to pass through and be filtered. The constant cycle of the smoke circulating through the disc shaped body into the percolator and back creates more diffusion and filtration, making your hits taste great and feel smooth. Standing on a pedestal base for sturdiness and with the addition of the dewars joint, this water pipe is well reinforced to take on all users. Other features include a flared mouthpiece and a bent neck for easy, comfortable use. In addition the bent neck tubing acting as a splash guard to keep water out of your mouth. Save the day every day for all users by ordering this amazing rig at a great price !


  • 7 Inches Tall
  • “Tron Disc” fab-styled chamber
  • Showerhead Percolator
  • Polished Dewars Joint
  • 90 Degree joint
  • Scientific
  • Clear Glass
  • Splash Guard
  • Pedestal Base
  • Flared Mouth Piece