"Swiss Bliss" Swiss Perc 2 Stage Recycler

The Swiss Bliss swiss perc two stage recycler provides excellent taste and filtration for any application. Known to many as a dab rig, you get the most bang for your buck with this 7.5" rig. It's main chamber is a 7-hole round swiss percolator that diffuses and filters the vapor created when pulling on the rig. A swiss percolator is a vertical diffusion system that contains holes on a large disc. It's name derives from its visual resemblance to swiss cheese. After vapor makes its way through the swiss perc, it travels through a separation tube into the recycling chamber. From there the vapor loops back through the main chamber and the process repeats itself hence the term recycling. This effect allows the smoke to be well cooled, exceptionally filtered, and most of all very smooth. This water pipe features a bent neck mouthpiece that acts as a splashguard to keep the water inside the rig and prevent it from coming into your mouth. This water pipe also features glass feet to provide stability on any flat surface. Equipped with a standard 14.5mm male joint it can be easily changed to accommodate not only oils and concentrates but tobacco and herbs as well.

  • "Swiss Bliss" Swiss Perc 2 Stage Recycler
  • 7 hole Swiss Percolator
  • 7.5" Tall
  • Bent Neck Mouthpiece for easy use and splashguard feature
  • Filtered and cooled feature from Swiss Perc
  • Clear Glass
  • Glass Recycler Rig
  • Scientific Glass

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