UPC 7" Swirl Mini Beaker Banger Hanger

  • UPC
  • 7” Tall
  • Beaker Base Design
  • Removable Diffused Downstem
  • 18.8mm to 14.5mm Downstem and Banger
  • Colored Base and Lip (mouthpiece)
  • Colors include Green Slyme, Blue Cheese, Illuminati, & Wisteria
  • Premium Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • Pure Platinum Precious Metal UPC Decal
  • Made In USA

The UPC 7" Swirl Mini Beaker Banger Hanger is a UPC beaker classic. Standing at 7 inches tall and featuring the classic beaker bong style with a straight neck tube. For a percolation system this dab rig comes with a removable diffused downstem which enters the beaker base from the side of the chamber at a 45 degree angle. It features a 18.8mm to 14.5mm diffused downstem and banger. Diffused downstems offer diffusion and filtration for cleaner and smoother hits. The entire rig is composed of 26mm heavy wall tubing for quality and durability, made from premium borosilicate glass in California. Choose between four colors for the base and mouth piece lip (green, blue, illuminati, or purple). Features the pure platinum precious metal UPC decal.