UPC Vortex Ash-Catcher With 90 Degree Connection

The UPC Vortex Ash-Catcher With 90 Degree Connection is an excellent addition to your accessories to keep your water pipes clean and offer extra diffusion as well as filtration. This cylindrical shaped ash catcher features two reinforced 90 degree joints; one is a reinforced dewars joint that holds the bowl, and the other is reinforced 90 degree male fitting facing downward. Located adjacent to each other, the one facing up holds your tobacco or flower and the other facing down is what attaches to the female joint of your bong. This ash catchers main feature are small angled pieces of glass placed around the circumference on the inner barrel forming a type of structure where when presented with water and a pulling force creates a spiraling vortex. This helps increase filtration of the smoke and creates a striking visual effect of a twister or vortex. This piece will retain any burnt up ash from the built in flower bowl and not allow it to transfer over into your bong keeping your prized possessions clean. This piece is available in 14mm or 18mm diameter male fitting. Its variety of combinations allows you to choose whichever one fits your water pipes best.

  • UPC
  • Ash Catcher
  • Cylinder Body (Barrel Body)
  • Vortex Styled
  • Reinforced 90 Degree Dewars Joint Holding Bowl
  • Reinforced 90 Degree Dewars Joint Facing Down w/ Male Fitting
  • Male Fitting Diameter
    • 14mm
    • 18mm